I want to share some of my files with you guys. Sometimes you can come across an old puzzle that on the box have some writings by previous owners, eg with the date of assemblance or information about missing pieces. I know it's nothing out of ordinary, but I have prepared a printable file for you with such informations. Puzzle tag gives possibility to track the history of the puzzle, who arranged it and whether it is complete. I recommend to print it and put in the box with puzzles, and the next owner will be pleasantly surprised :)

files to download:
puzzle tag - A5 - color (114 downloads)
puzzle tag - A5 - b&w (84 downloads)
puzzle tag - 2xA5 to print on A4 - color (93 downloads)
puzzle tag - 2xA5 to print on A4 - b&w (64 downloads)


Another helpful thing may be a list which is a simple and normal card with columns. A lot of people do a list in a spreadsheet, but such a physical card can also be useful. Recently I've started to use this method because I can be up to date and after a longer time I copy it to the spreadsheet on my computer (it's easier to write on paper than run to a computer and update spreadsheet after each assemblance :) )

files to download:
list - A4 - b&w (96 downloads)
list - A4 - double-sided - b&w (66 downloads)


A wonderful gadget that I found when I got one of the puzzles is a stand for box lid. I was so amazed by it that thanks to the courtesy of the Anatolian company I can provide you with a template of such a stand that anyone can print and cut even from the cardboard.

files to download:
stand - color (104 downloads)
stand - b&w (76 downloads)


Teraz coś dla „majsterkowiczów” :) Jeżeli śledzicie facebooka to wiecie, że ja układam na stole kreślarskim, ale nie każdy ma potrzebę taki stół mieć – zrozumiałe :) Mam tutaj rozwiązanie dla osób, które układają mniejszą elementację i mają problemy z ciągłym nachylaniem się nad stołem. Mini Table - that's how I called it, it's just a simple cardboard supported by another cardboard giving an imitation of a drawing board :) So it's easier for those with back problems. I made my own for the needs of 600 pieces panoramas, but the same technique maybe easily applied for larger dimensions :)

file to download:
mini table (94 downloads)


If you have any comments or other ideas, please contact me :)

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